Hello, I am Cleo, living in Upstate New York, originally from Ithaca, New York…..still love my home town!!! Crafting and design work has always been a part of my life ever since I can remember…probably even en utero!!!! My first craft was hand embroidery at age nine, taught by my mom, who was the most creative and industrious person I have ever known!!! I was always picking and arranging flowers, making vignettes, re arranging the furniture in my bedroom, making displays……

My mom was a seamstress as well as my Aunt Emma, and my sister Adriana…..all very talented!!! I kept them all busy sewing my designs for prom dresses, school clothes, work wardrobe and even my wedding gown!!! I never cared for clothing construction, although I did sew for my children when they were young….I prefer quilting, stuffed animals, doll clothes, pillows, curtains…anything for the home.

Back in the 1970ís, I became interested in painted tin trays, so I bought some books, and taught myself tole painting…..that progressed into Theorem painting which I studied under a skilled teacher for five years….even taught my own classes for awhile. The craft show was a new item then and very popular, so I did the circuit for over 35 years. Also have had my crafts in malls, antique shops and two stores.

I also studied floral design and worked for floral shops part time for about 15 years, was the designer for Michaels for 3 years, worked Interior Design for two stores and for Country Curtains, at the same time worked for a monogram company, and was a zoning officer for my town for 15 years!!! And was STILL doing craft shows……something had to give!!! So, I turned to the internet…….learned all new skills…..am still learning……and met some of the most wonderful and talented ladies who have become good friends!!!

Itís the love for color that leads me on this incredible journey……taught myself jewelry design, love all the colors of the gems and stones, now am teaching myself to paint and love decorative painting along with prim…learned mostly through all the books I am surrounded by…..also learned to cross stitch…..just love the colors of all those threads!!! I enjoy and love what I do, and I think it comes through in the quality and uniqueness of my work…I still look to Nature for inspiration…..and my Creator….donít you think He was a little over the top in creating all those different shades and hues……and how many species of bugs do we need??? Talk about creative overload…….

You ask what are my favorite crafts…..they remain theorem painting and piecing a quilt top…..thatís where I am completely absorbed, ďin the zoneĒ, and time has no meaning….when I awake, I am refreshed…..

My interests…you must be kidding!!! I love history, antiques, anthropology, doing research, baking,, cooking, gardening, love the feel of something old and worn, still get excited over a sunset or a shooting star….my life is a celebration of art and imagination…..did I mention I love ribbon work???

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